Monday, March 07, 2005

One week on

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So here we are - a week into a world without Luna. Sure they were only a band - and despite everything there are still load and loads and loads and loads of great bands around making great music to fill our ears and hearts. But it doesn't mean that I can't miss them.

I started the web page over 10 years ago (can't be sure exactly when) - and the mailing list kicked off on the 4th or 5th July 1995. That's a great chunk of my life spent following Luna's every move. That's a great number of friends I've met (both in Lunaspace and in the "real" world). That's 10 years of being in the company of people whose recommendations I trust enough that I needed to follow up on every one.

The first list member I met in the flesh was a guy by the name of Trenton (I think) at a Luna show in December 1995 and since then I have met people who I'd like to think were my friends (or at least my imagination allows me to think of them as friends). Hopefully with the common ground we've established over the years I'll be able to keep these relationships going. [I've long since lost touch with Trenton although in my head he looks exactly like Vinny from Joy Zipper].

Not sure where this post is going but I think it may have arrived...

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Matt Beal said...

Here we are, almost a year after Luna's Last Stand, and I am just now getting around to posting some thoughts about my favorite band of all time. Sorry it took so long, but I want to get this on the record at last.

I first heard about Luna on the Bettie Serveert fan club list, which, incidentally, is the quietest fan club list in the history of rock and roll. Only a Trappist Monk could appreciate the magnificent reticence embraced by its denizens.

By the way, Luna was recommended to the BS list by the lead singer of the Shellycoats, another one of my favorite bands. You can listen to excerpts from their album here:

Anyway, I didn't even have any Luna albums when I ventured out to my first show at the Double Door in Chicago. It must have been around 2000-02, somewhere in there.

I was totally blown away, especially by California (All the Way). First I got Bewitched, then I systematically plowed my way through virtually the entire Luna discography.

Later, I saw the band at Metro, the Empty Bottle and the Abbey Pub. I liked how they came to a different venue every time they visited Chicago.

I also saw them the one and only time they played Indianapolis, which is now my hometown. Slumber Party opened, and they were wonderful in so many ways. Then Luna took the stage, and Dean looked as though he hadn't slept in a week. But being the consummate professional, he still put on a tremendous show. I'll never forget, they opened with Chinatown, and when I heard the opening notes, I felt a chill go up and down my spine.

There will never be another band like this. I miss them so much, but I still listen to them all the time, and I hope someday they will reunite. If not, I would glady see Dean in any of his various incarnations.

I regret that the fan club was kaput by the time I found out about Luna, otherwise I might have made some great friends that way.

Many thanks to the band for providing me with the soundtrack to my life.