Friday, April 15, 2005

Greetings from Dean Wareham

Luna, final show, after party
Photos: Franck.

I emailed Dean and asked if he could say a few words about the last days of Luna (and the first days of no Luna) - Here's his reply...

Greetings Luna fans!

Britta and I have just returned from a trip to New Zealand, for the occasion of my grandfather's 90th birthday, which was celebrated in Wellington (the beautiful city where I was born). We flew into Auckland at 5 a.m. and were met at the airport by a bleary-eyed Justin Harwood. We spent a few days with Justin and his family (he now has two children, Coco and Sonny Bill). Justin lives on a hill overlooking Piha beach and the Tasman Sea. We saw a couple of magnificent sunsets, and
Justin made us excellent coffee, and took us for a nice trek up over the hills to the beach where they filmed those scenes from The Piano. Justin and I told a lot of old Luna stories, and Britta told some too. It was great to see Justin again.

Now I am back in New York City and trying to figure out how to live without Luna, which is a strange sensation, both liberating and a little scary too. The night of our last show at the Bowery Ballroom seems a long time ago already, and I can't quite remember what all the fuss was about, though I do remember it being an emotionally draining few days.

Thanks to all of you who supported us over the years (especially Andy Aldridge). And those of you who brought us chocolate and cupcakes and champagne and Aquavit.

Thank you Britta, Justin, Lee, Sean and Stanley.


emailed by Dean 2:44 PM