Monday, February 28, 2005

It's Winter in New Jersey

My worst fears have been realized. Not only is my favorire band ending their magical run but the weather outside has prevented my making it to the show. I've never felt so defeated as when I had to turn around on Rt. 78 in my trek to the Holland Tunnel. It's only 50 miles away and what lie ahead was sure to be an unforgettable moment but alas it wasn't meant to be. How ironic when most people who bought tickets for last night's show, as I did, thought that it would be the finale. Only to discover another show was added and I could not take not being there for the send off. Left the city for the 'burbs some time ago to better the enviroment for my children and expose them to greener space and fresh air. The sound of clanking cocktail glasses in the background of the bowery ballroom when a call was placed to inquire about what time the band should be on by, didn't male it any easier. Wish I was just a subway ride away again. Tonight Dads' run ended also. Ciao, luna.

Banana Cream I-Think-I'm-Gonna'-Cry Pie

I suppose I might be the person, blogger, contributor (what have you) that first clicked over into March 1st, 2005. Right now, it's five minutes to noon on this sweltering day in Melbourne, this second official day of autumn - about 8PM the previous evening in wintry New York City. Any fans in Japan are on the same side of the wrong day with me ....and everybody else who's going to read this will be there so very soon. Enjoy what I was not able to in person.

Did Dean do it? Did he shed some tears? Can't imagine they'd be of the crocadile sort either if so.

I ended my LUNA listening session last night with Going Home, one of the many fitting songs to round out the 13 years of being agog for an actively 'together' band. Gad. I'm happy, verging on proud, to've been a fan from day one of LUNA to day last.

When I wake up...

It's already March here - 00:40 - if I go to bed now - when I wake up there won't be Luna. I'm not sure I want to go to bed.

Addition at 1am:
Which means...if I don't go to bed they won't split up. I can keep Luna going just by not going to sleep - it's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers


Off I am. I remember my first Luna show, a few months after I moved to the US and New York. It was on Apr 7th 2000 at the Bowery Ballroom. Quite a significant day for several reasons.
Luna has pretty much been my life's soundtrack ever since. It just seems right to head to the Bowery Ballroom one last time tonight now that I am back living in Paris.
Now, I feel sad.

More Sunday night show pictures

I just added more pictures to the Sunday night show gallery.
Jane Scarpantoni is there, as are the flowers that were given to Britta at the begining of the show. Hopefully, these capture a bit of the atmosphere.

Freakin and Peakin

Last nights show was a stunner, it's hard to imagine how they keep topping themselves. But, as we know.. tonight the train pulls out of the station for it's final run.

I posted a synopsis of last nights show to the email list and had thought to write something more refined for this- I just can't seem to get the words out.

Is it because music touches us in ways that transcends the words themselves, that we mourn this as a loss? Of course, the band will live on in recorded form and we'll have archives of live performances to relive parts of the magic, yet, the proverbial rip of tape from wound is kinetic. The shifts and changes, the meandering of Locomotive Luna will be a finite set, as it was always intended- it's wonderful to be so myopically transfixed by the journey that the destination seems as mythical as the Emerald City. Tonight we will be glancing past the forlorn water towers and following Luna as they cue the final scene, loping past the city they created from green, green bottles. After all, they don't last forever.

I tried to speak intelligibly about Luna to Matt, for the documentary; alas, extemporaneous speaking can not accurately represent words routed deep in the heart. I tossed a few topical blips (while remarking internally how similar the camera was to an oncoming train) that hardly skirted my truest thoughts.

Why does Luna mean so much to me, more than any other? Why I have invested so much time and money to following their products and pursuits? The best I can surmise is that Luna, through Dean's lyricism and their collective musicianship, is a band as in love with beauty as charmed by the bittersweet. Nothing is more New York than this intersection. Equal parts wit and purpose with a nod to the sublime, Luna shepherded its followers through a city (and by extension, a world) that "makes it so you can't shake hands, when it (they) make your hands shake", all the while pointing out the simple pleasures, absurdities and nuances that make it all worth it.

Is it that simple? Group together four musicians, each talented and accomplished and make sure one of them has a golden wit and enchanting eyes? Of course not, it comes down to chemistry and physics in ways I am too far removed from the liberal sciences to explain. After that, of course, you need an audience with as impeccable taste as ourselves so to provide market demand.

They got it right, and most importantly- they got it right for me at a time when I was ready to be swept away. God bless grunge for sucking so royally.

Hey it's Luna day

And technically I do have the right to declare it a public holiday. Go home everyone and raise a glass to Luna...that's what I'm just about to do!
A few pictures from the Sunday night after-show.
Dorian is there, as well as Jen with Dean, Matthew ... Dorian asked fans to sign the poster and gave it to Dean & Britta. More happy faces for Andy !

Penultimate, for sure

Finality is always hard when it's something you've come to know and love for so long. Sort of like losing you first girlfriend, trading in your first car or moving from your from your first apartment in the city. Luna is a band that one could never take for granted but relied upon for the comfort and soothing their presence brings. We all have memories of a time when the band was a soundtrack to our individual lives. The memories will be plentiful and the void their absence will create certainly will ache. Thanks goodness there's tonight and thanks goodness for last night.

Superfreaky Memories for an opener was a pleasant surprise. Thought the highlights for the night were 4th of July and Freakin' & Peakin'.

Sad that the band has called it quits while reaching the apex of their musicianship. The set was extremely tight and they played each note with a purpose. Surprised the crowd didn't match the band's energy level. It was a typical laid back and adoring Luna audience that seemed resigned to the end being near. Or maybe more mellow because of it being a Sunday night.

I also think a solution to the void their departure creates could be remedied by having Sean, Lee and Justin join Joy Zipper to help let the spirit live on.

In any case tonight, will have all the anticipation and expectations that come with the closing another chapter in this bands great but short history. I guess there is something to be said for going out on top. Pure class..

I'm not an emotional man...

...well actually I am - I pretty much cry at the end of any film - hell I cried at the end of Wayne's World last night - but anyway looking through Dorian's pics really got to me.
Look at all those happy people.

Look at that band loving being loved by all those happy people.

Now I'm sure those reasons that Dean has been trotting out for the last six months are all legitimate...but look at them...and look at us...

Dean, are you sure you're doing the right thing?

Thoughts so far...

I've seen 2 of my 3 final Luna shows. Saturday was amazing, but Sunday was so
much better, that I really can't imagine how wonderful tonight will be.

Thanks to everyone who signed the poster for Luna. Britta and Dean seemed
sincerely touched. I hope to see Franck's photos from that soon!

I took some photos myself, (though not as stunning as Franck's). Check
them out here

I wish I could write more... the night was truly memorable... but alas, I
must sleep.


Sunday on Delancey

It's been a long night ... And I really need to get some sleep.

But a few pictures from the Sunday show are there

Dean is reading Justin's telegram, fans are giving a poster to the band ...

More pictures from the show and the after-show should be posted tomorrow ...


Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another sign at Wendy's

Since too many diners at Wendy's are one of the reasons for the break-up, I went to the quintessential Wendy's this afternoon, on Bleecker and 6th. Would you believe it? They were playing "Rock your baby". Yet another strange connection ...

Time to go to the Bowery ...


Moonpalace broke my heart

I fought back tears a few times- but Moonpalace SLAYED me. It must have been the cello. I have to be quick as I am attempting to do four hours of work in an hour, so I can go to the next show. I think may have reached a new level of hate. I hate people who can't complete simple tasks without my holding their hand.. Really.. trying not to be bitter.

It was odd seeing luna indoors during the day, but the setlist, as you see, rocked. Dean's son is adorable, and Dean smiled up to him in the balcony several times, it was very sweet. Dean also read a letter from Justin, that was both touching and funny- he did give nice words to Britta for taking over his axe. Dean was also the recipient of a lady's undergarment. It flustered him to the point of breaking character and stumbelling a verse of Bonnie and Clyde.

Very different vibe from last night. Incredible rendition of 23mins. Sean KILLED it, it was so unbelievably gorgeous I started getting all emotional, and then Moonpalace let it all pour out.

Setlist from the Sunday matinee

  • California (All The Way)
  • Weird And Woozy
  • Broken Chair
  • Tiger Lily
  • Malibu Love Nest
  • Into The Fold
  • This Time Around
  • Pup Tent
  • Anesthesia
  • 23 Minutes In Brussels
  • The Slow Song
  • Moon Palace
  • Superfreaky Memories
  • Tugboat
  • Bonnie And Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)
  • Tracy I Love You

From my secret lair

OK - I'm not there - it was a decision I made not to be there (and I'm NOT regretting it - no really I'm not). So here I am, sitting waiting for email reports and photos to flood into my mailbox. I've convinced myself that like a true Bond villain I am actually co-ordinating the whole affair from my secret bunker in a Caribbean island.

I'm not dlusional - I don't regret my decision because Luna and all their fans are just my puppets hahaha

Luna, Bowery Ballroom, Feb 27th 2005 Photo Gallery by Franck at

Here's (another) sample of Franck's lovely pictures...

Luna, Bowery Ballroom, Feb 27th 2005 Photo Gallery by Franck at

A Saturday night on the Bowery (gallery)

Yesterday night was very special. I put up a small gallery, it is there.


Thoughts on set list

It thought it interesting to open with Fuzzy Wuzzy, but it set the tone for what was a very high energy show, with some incredible interplay (especially for 23 Min) Dean dedicated a song (was it Lost In Space?) to Stanley, after playing it. The band looked very happy despite a long drive from Detroit, from what I could see. The Hong Kong were fun, and have a new Keyboardist who seems to have perfected the euro-hipster look. Mark Rozzo of Maplewood, Champale, Cub Country was also in attendence.. I wish I had more to say, but I had some surprisingly laced party favors, and my recollections of the last songs are more of colors and rainbows- while fun not the best for disecting performance. All other shows will be straight/sober so hopefully I'll have more to say.

Predictions for set openers...




Any other guesses?

One down, three to go.

Last nights show was much fun- I'm still coming down off the highs (More ways than one- all remaining Luna shows will be enhancement free). Still at home was beautiful live. The filming for the documentary was a little frightening- what with the lights and the big microphone, but Matt was a very nice guy. Todd Barry turned out both coincidently at the Magician, and at the BB. The posters are quite nice, though not a huge fan of the T-shirts. Meh. I'll have more coherent thoughts on the Matinee and post between sets.

So Far Away

I'm living these last days of Luna vicariously through friends in New Jersey who are attending the Bowery Ballroom shows. In fact, I'm waiting for a phoned-in report from Paul, who was at last night's gig.

My husband and I were able to travel to Tucson for our last waltz with Luna on February 2nd. Icing on the cake was that I interviewed the band and Nick took photos. (we'll have to send on a couple of those). We're working with a startup music mag out of Albuquerque, NM called Hyperactive. Matthew filmed the interview. If we manage to wind up in the finished documentary, it'll blow our minds.

It was a bit surreal, having the opportunity to sit down with a group of people who've been a part of my life for 13 years. They were a pleasure to talk to - Dean was not the least bit prickly, which was my greatest fear.

The show was sublime, with the bittersweet tinge of the goodbye enveloping it all. They did Tugboat as one of the encores! I'll dig up the setlist to send...

First pics from Saturday night

Thanksa to Franck for these pictures [click on the picture to see them in all their glory]

Luna @ The Bowery Ballroom

That's a mighty smile on Dean's face.
Set list
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Slide
  • Chinatown
  • Malibu Love Nest
  • Black Champagne
  • Still At Home
  • Pup Tent
  • Speedbumps
  • Mermaid Eyes
  • Sideshow By the Seashore
  • Lost in Space
  • 23 Minutes in Brussels
  • Tracy, I love you
  • Black Postcards
  • encore #1: Bewitched
  • Friendly Advice
  • encore #2: I Can't Wait
  • Indian Summer

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I feel I should stay up!

I can barely keep my eyes open but I have this insane urge to stay up and try and imagine myself there - or to sit and wait for all the reviews and pics to come flooding in...

It may say posted by Andy at 6:29 PM but it really means posted by Andy at 11:29 PM [GMT].

I may have an insane urge but I'm not insane. I'm off to bed.

Just to prove how truly sad I am...

Rather than doing anything worthwhile tonight I did this instead...

Luna's Last Waltz
...just for the website - I really ought to get some friends for a Saturday night. Have fun everybody!

cameraphones anybody?

I'm contributing with a pic I took at the Luna gig in Barcelona last January, a really wonderful show!

Btw, is anybody going to the Bowery shows with a cameraphone to be able to send pictures to Andy to post here? For those not attending the gigs, it would be too cool to have the chance to see the band in a short of real time. The music would lack, but something is something! And it would definitely "feel closer" to us, like we were not that farway in distance...

Joy Zipper

This most excellent band will be opening for Luna's Sunday shows. Gothamist has a brief interview with the LI natives GO VALLEY STREAM!.


I had the pleasure of seeing them at ULU last spring (and the double pleasure of meeting Andy and introducing him to the band). They are a very fitting opener.
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Friday, February 25, 2005

Luna's guests

Originally uploaded by grange85.
Hell it seems so long ago. Some of us have had our last chance to see Luna. We got Sonic Boom (far right in this pic)! It seems NYC are getting...

The Hong Kong (Sat)
Joy Zipper (Both Sun)
and CORRECTION: NOT Tarentel (Mon)
but Tarantula as support and
Lara joins on kbds for Saturday
Jane Scarpantoni on cello for some or all???

Pull Me A Face and Say Something Witchy

The New York Post has a blurb about Luna's last shows here. Luna ignites many moods indeed. I listend to Day's Of Our Nights in its entirety while getting ready for work this morning and it took me back to a very different time in my life, when I thought, pre my personal Black Postcard (naively, as one does in their early 20's) that everything was set. Day's put me in my place and I am quite glad that the causes of those memories are gone with out a trace.

Dean say's w/r/t these last shows, "It feels like the last week of a job, when you're distracted and packing your things and making plans, and they're throwing a little party for you," Wareham says. "I'm a little nervous about the final show; I think I might cry. So be it."

Don't worry Dean, we'll all be crying too.


I just got sent a video clip of Luna doing Speedbumps and it suddenly made me a bit sad that I wouldn't see that live again. I think Sean and Lee should just keep the band going - maybe call it Luna2 or something :)

This was really a test to check email submissions but what the hell...


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It's the Beginning of a New Age

So, to commemorate, let us drink.

Saturday Night plans have firmed up- Meet us at the Magician for pre-show beverages. Say 7:30 ish if you plan on getting to the Bowery Ballroom for doors.

Sunday, Meet up at 12inch- one of my new favorites, pre late showing. I may grab some cheap Indian food between sets, you are welcome to join.

Luna's Last Waltz

This weekend Luna will play there last ever shows at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC - this blog is an attempt to document the last days of Luna - hopefully we will have lots of contributors from all over the world - and from inside the shows at NYC - but at the moment it is JUST ME!

If you want to join up please get in touch asap.

Here's my recruitment blurb...

OK - I had intended throwing together a LUNA timeline for the website with all the significant dates that I knew and while I have done a bit of the background work I haven't had a chance to pull it together in time for the "last waltz" - I'll do it at some point in the not too distant future.

BUT that leaves me without some sort of futile-end-of-the-road-gesture to put on the website - I just thought that after 10+ years there ought to be something a little bit more as a rememberance of the lasdt days of Luna.

A while back, shortly after the split was announced, I put forward the idea of having a blog to document the tour with as many contributors as possible putting forward thoughts, reviews, gossip and whinging abouy various things. While there was a bit of interest it never really got off the ground (although the mailing list archives are a pretty decent document of that if you can wade through the irrelevance).

SO - here comes that same half-arsed plan all over again but only to document the last FOUR days of Luna.

IF you want to contribute please let me know and I'll add you to the list of members.

* You don't have to be in NYC for the end, hell I'm not, although it would be nice to have some folk involved who will be first hand witnesses.

* You don't have to post about what's happening NOW - you can talk about, for example, best gig, worst gig, feelings, should they have done it, what next etc.

* The more the merrier - if any "inside people" would like to contribute all the better (Britta, Matthew, Dean (although he'll be saving his writing for that memoir he "promised"!))

* obviously the sooner the better.

* If people want to post by SMS (text message) I'm sure we can arrange something (maybe texting me and I can post up - unless anyone knows of any SMS->blog arrangement that's quick and easy to set up

* Photos! If people want to email me cameraphone pictures from the shows - it doesn't have to be of the band - it could be of the audience, the bar, the noisy people, self-portraits etc.

I know not everyone will have time and I don't want it to just be me so if this is a crap idea just say but it could be fun and we could run it for a week or so afterward and then archive it as a decent document of "Luna's Last Waltz".