Sunday, February 27, 2005

Moonpalace broke my heart

I fought back tears a few times- but Moonpalace SLAYED me. It must have been the cello. I have to be quick as I am attempting to do four hours of work in an hour, so I can go to the next show. I think may have reached a new level of hate. I hate people who can't complete simple tasks without my holding their hand.. Really.. trying not to be bitter.

It was odd seeing luna indoors during the day, but the setlist, as you see, rocked. Dean's son is adorable, and Dean smiled up to him in the balcony several times, it was very sweet. Dean also read a letter from Justin, that was both touching and funny- he did give nice words to Britta for taking over his axe. Dean was also the recipient of a lady's undergarment. It flustered him to the point of breaking character and stumbelling a verse of Bonnie and Clyde.

Very different vibe from last night. Incredible rendition of 23mins. Sean KILLED it, it was so unbelievably gorgeous I started getting all emotional, and then Moonpalace let it all pour out.

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scott said...

Concert or lovefest?

Don't get me wrong. I loved it. But this wasn't your same old Luna. Between Dean reading an email from Justin and sending winks and waves to his son on the VIP balcony the band was downright friendly. I even saw Lee acknowledge the crowd once or twice in the form of a nod in it's general direction - at least I think I did. I could be wrong.

One of the highlights for me was looking up during 23 minutes and seeing Dean's son jumping around like only a 5 year old whose father is leading a rock band on stage can. Great moment.

Other quick thoughts at 1 AM -

The early show might be remembered as "The Bewitched Show" in Luna final weekend lore.

Met Max from Philly (and his large crowd who I don't think are list members), two guys from Oregon whose names I didn't get, and Chris from Dallas and his friend at 12". Everyone was very nice.

Early show - Excuse my deadhead moment here but - dude, Anasthesia --> 23 Minutes....sweet.

Late show - Freakin and Peakin sounded fantastic.

There was a buyer's market for tickets as the late show started. People with extra tickets outnumbered people needing tickets by a significant margin. This will be completely different tomorrow night. Strange what a difference a day makes.

Each member of the band was downstairs in the bar 20 miuntes after the night show ended chatting with fans. I didn't stick around. Chatting up band members isn't my thing, but talking to any of them would have been quite easy.