Friday, February 25, 2005

Luna's Last Waltz

This weekend Luna will play there last ever shows at The Bowery Ballroom in NYC - this blog is an attempt to document the last days of Luna - hopefully we will have lots of contributors from all over the world - and from inside the shows at NYC - but at the moment it is JUST ME!

If you want to join up please get in touch asap.

Here's my recruitment blurb...

OK - I had intended throwing together a LUNA timeline for the website with all the significant dates that I knew and while I have done a bit of the background work I haven't had a chance to pull it together in time for the "last waltz" - I'll do it at some point in the not too distant future.

BUT that leaves me without some sort of futile-end-of-the-road-gesture to put on the website - I just thought that after 10+ years there ought to be something a little bit more as a rememberance of the lasdt days of Luna.

A while back, shortly after the split was announced, I put forward the idea of having a blog to document the tour with as many contributors as possible putting forward thoughts, reviews, gossip and whinging abouy various things. While there was a bit of interest it never really got off the ground (although the mailing list archives are a pretty decent document of that if you can wade through the irrelevance).

SO - here comes that same half-arsed plan all over again but only to document the last FOUR days of Luna.

IF you want to contribute please let me know and I'll add you to the list of members.

* You don't have to be in NYC for the end, hell I'm not, although it would be nice to have some folk involved who will be first hand witnesses.

* You don't have to post about what's happening NOW - you can talk about, for example, best gig, worst gig, feelings, should they have done it, what next etc.

* The more the merrier - if any "inside people" would like to contribute all the better (Britta, Matthew, Dean (although he'll be saving his writing for that memoir he "promised"!))

* obviously the sooner the better.

* If people want to post by SMS (text message) I'm sure we can arrange something (maybe texting me and I can post up - unless anyone knows of any SMS->blog arrangement that's quick and easy to set up

* Photos! If people want to email me cameraphone pictures from the shows - it doesn't have to be of the band - it could be of the audience, the bar, the noisy people, self-portraits etc.

I know not everyone will have time and I don't want it to just be me so if this is a crap idea just say but it could be fun and we could run it for a week or so afterward and then archive it as a decent document of "Luna's Last Waltz".


Felonious Noodle said...

Ok, you've got me in.

Anonymous said...

Saw Luna at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit last night Feb.24, 2005. Took my 13 year old son, his first concert. It was magic.

Diana said...

A 13 year old seeing Luna, first time, first ever concert? How cool, he will certainly remember it all his life... as I still remember mine (The Smiths) when I was short of that same age ;)

Anonymous said...

It's 11:20pm in Texas. I should be getting out of here (work) to go home and sleep. My flight is early in the morning. Yet, I needed one last dose of people talking about how special these shows will be......especially from those who cannot make it.

My flight will take me where it's Winter in New Jersey, and it's Christmas in New York.

I'm expecting anticipation, memories and some certain sadness.

But I can't wait.

louise said...

Saw Luna in London UK, 17th Jan, totally brilliant, one of the best gigs I've ever seen, I'm just so sad they're breaking up. I just hope they all carry on making great music, Dean is a genius!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a set list for the show in Detroit. I would like to make a driving CD to relive the memories.

wralph said...

Hi Andy, I would like to post something, or you can for me, read below.
Once I have pics ( and movies) from Sunday's early show I can e-mail them to you if you would like.
(I am new to this bloggin' thang)
Thanks, Rafael

Lovely Sunday afternoon with Luna

My wife and I drove from Rhode Island to see the early show, so that we could go home earlies (to our kids). It was a beautifull show.
It brought back memories of the first time we saw (and met) the Luna folks in a dinkie club in Providence called Baby Head. This was in 1992.
I will most definitely miss seeing Luna play live as they came by this parts almost every time they released an album. I look forward to hearing what each and everyone of these talented individuals will come up with next, as I am sure they all will. Best of luck guys, thanks for all the good melodies and memories, funny as I am writing this I am litesning to the first album, and track 10 just came on, aptly called Time to quit.
(I'll try to post some pictures of the early show once I download them from my wife's camera)

lackenhauser said...

I was on my way to NYC from MD for Saturday's show when I got the call my Dad had died. I had just left his side an hour before and he was in great health and spirit. I obviously turned around-in total shock. Having seen Luna about 10 times over the last 7 years it just made it all seem more final. BUMMER..............