Tuesday, March 01, 2005

All is Forgiven, I Love You Still.

9:30, still at work, at the end of my wits and desperate for distraction- so here it goes. I'll first just post a clip of my early morning, off the cuffish email to the list, as I think it has clarity in its simplicity

"The set list speaks for itself. Britta had mentioned that Dean spent a lot of time thinking about the final list- and it shows. He seemed to pick the perfect line up, spacing out the tear jerkers and the rockers perfectly so that as I recovered from bawling, I had to start up again.
Everything was played with such precision, and the solos where as shattering and beautiful as you'd imagine. Britta was a rock- for lack of better description- both as a bassist that night, and emotionally- it seemed she anchored Dean.

I had no idea that i'd be as emotional as I was- perhaps the cocktail of exboyfriends, exhaustion and seeing 13 years culminate with such beauty and perfection broke whatever constitution I had. Truth told, since embracing my inner romantic rather than fronting the epic stoicism of my youth, I tear up at notions.

I tried not to cry, but just as i'd get a grip, they'd perfect a note, or sing a lyric that in its passing would escalate the choking in the back of my throat.
It's hard to describe the night- every song was a standout, and every moment was special. I can't even voice how touched I am that Dean gave me his lucky kazoo. That just plain rocks.

It was a night I'll not forget, and hold dear forever."

I suppose I can bore everyone by stringing together a thesaurus full of entries on "perfection". That's what it was, a perfect end to their collaboration. They honored themselves, their songs, and their fans. As Britta stated, you really could "feel the love" in the crowd. Everytime East Coast Andy glanced at me to gauge my tears (quite sensitive a barometer, they), When I'd turn my head towards Chris, Pat or Max in our silent acknowledgement of "Wow", it was inspiring to be part of such collective (and united) consciousness. Also, relieving in a sense to be a girl and thus allowed to weep irrationally in public.

I can't begin to tally my official "count" of Luna shows, though since 2000ish I've hardly missed a DC/NY show (and traveled as often as possible- who knew Luna could provide an excuse for vacation and keeping touch with friends). Chatting pre-show with faces that became friends will also remain one of my favorite memories. Chatting with the band, Sean kindly offering me a party pass, Britta letting me stop by soundcheck (and getting to see everyone enjoy the tasty cupcakes), conversing with Lee (who is indeed friendly, just shy), and most incredibly, being extended Dean's trusty kazoo- are all gestures and experiences that will remain firmly etched in my mind, and solidly anchored in my heart.

There are too many musical highlights to name- and those will be preserved by recording, but in parting here are a few more personal moments I can share:

1) Dean, shading his eyes from the sun (!) and pointing to his young son, who was enjoying the show with the abandon and awe that was such a wonderful testament to the love between a father and son.

2) Britta stepping between Sean and Dean during the final 23minutes- as she said herself- to better last experience what I can only describe as the ultimate display of the chemistry between Sean and Dean.

3) Seeing Lee tap the cymbals with his hands during the final Black Postcards.

4) The priceless look on Sean's face as he unraveled his "gift" of hugenormous granny panties.

5) Each and every moment when Dean and Britta caught my eye as I poured my tears of happiness and love, especially during the first chords of Moon Palace- which of course.. slayed me.

Dean got a little emotional, and had he full out cried- I do think the place would have been flooded.

What more to say?

Dean, Britta, Sean, Lee (Justin and Stanley too). I love you all.


Andy said...

Thanks again Jen for being so generous with your words - it is always a pleasure reading what you write.

BTW we boys can cry in public you know (although sometimes it is just a fly that got in our eye!)

The Rat said...

Yet another nice account of an emotionally swept evening. Well done, I wished I would have met you this weekend. You captured some great sentiments in writing and pretty much nailed the feeling of the place and the fans that were there.