Tuesday, March 01, 2005

An email from Britta

I solicited contributions from the band and Britta sent this - I feel both proud and embarrassed to post it here.

Andy, thanks so much for the yummies, but especially thanks for all the loving care, time and attention you've put into your site and the mailing list.

Last night was a perfect ending. Quite beautiful. Its been an honor and a pleasure to have been a member of Luna for 5 years...the best thing that's ever happened to me, really. I'll miss playing with them...and I'll miss playing to all of the wonderful Luna fans...

Last night, I welled up a few times, but I was not sad, just very moved to be a part of something so meaningful to so many as well as something so personal to me. I'm really glad we decided to announce this as our final tour. It really made all of the shows very special.

I never thought I'd say something so sentimental/hippie-dippie, but the room was filled with love last night. So difficult to describe, but a few words come to mind: loaded (emotionally, not alcoholically), tender, safe, over-flowing, ebullient, intoxicating, warm, intimate, fun, sexy, thank you, miss you.

You WERE there.
emailed by Britta 2:53 PM


Felonious Noodle said...

Britta- thank you!

Britta Phillips said...

Erm.....please excuse my typos....and musy gushing

The Rat said...

Britta: You nailed the emotions of the room so fittingly. There was a lot of love and that love is an expression of appreciation for a band that has made us feel so good so many times and for some, (sorry for being so trite) has become the soundtrack of our daily lives.

You have made an incredible contribution to LUNA and your playing this weekend has been superb! The whole band was in top form and I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful send off. Thank you for bringing such unabashed joy to my life.

Love to you and best wishes for your future endeavors. You have deservedly solidified your place with one of the greatest bands in the history of rock and roll. That has to feel remarkable after all these years.


The Rat

Anonymous said...

Thank you Britta for the lovely letter, and thank you Andy for sharing it with us.

Britta, it has been truly special that you have reached out so much to your fans. I hope you know how much you've touched all of our lives. Thank you for sharing your music with us. You are a rock star!!!

All the best to you,

P.S. I am really looking forward to your next album with Dean. I loved L'Avventura, especially Knives From Bavaria. Your voice is beautiful and the hushed tone you use in that song is just perfect.