Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'll miss them when they hit that groove

Photos: Franck
I was walking home this afternoon listening to Luna Live (again!) and 23 minutes came on and I suddenly felt really sad that I (probably) will never see Dean and Sean get into that groove the way they do during that song. Britta mentioned that she had stood between them at the last show just to get the best out of it.

It reminded me that I took a couple of minutes of video at the London show. When I got home and showed it to Hazel she said "it's a shame you didn't get any singing" - I didn't want singing! There'll be lots of video of Dean singing - and he isn't going to stop singing yet either. But I may never be able to experience this again...and while 150 seconds of crappy video isn't going to satisfy me it'lll do to remind me just how flipping great it was when these two got into that groove...


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Andy: Great capsule of Luna in the zone!

Well done.