Tuesday, March 01, 2005


That's the way I would describe waiting for Luna to come on stage Saturday night. This point was hammered home by the angular silouette of Ric Ocasek standing in the balcony watching The Hong Kong open. (I think he is producing their album). Silouetted he looks circa 1985. Apparently Paulina was there as well. The song choices were excellent. Many I had not heard ever live or in a long time. Fuzzy Wuzzy, I Can't Wait stood out for me. The band as they have been doing most of this tour took longer than usual to get going. Soaking in the atmosphere for one of the final times.

Dean was much more chatty than usual. Lee actually smiled a few times. And Sean and Britta were like they always are.

Black Postcards a song I usually don't like was played both nights I was there and was amazing. As was 4000 days sunday night. (a song I don't like and amazing).

I liked the setlist sunday night more and I thought the band was much more relaxed. I was glad to finally see a Galaxy 500 song, 4th of July. As in the 10 shows I'd been to I never had.

Both nights the band came down to the bar and hung out after the show with fans.
I think it is finally sinking in for me.

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