Thursday, March 03, 2005

New Haven Comet all the Way to California

Reading all these lovely tales makes me want to just puke with regret about not flying the 10,000 miles back to NYC for my rightful share in the experience. All moot now, so I shan't simper. I have often been geographically challenged when it comes to bands' tours, especially in the lengthy stints I've done in Santa Fe and Missoula. I'm fine with that. But, I remember Mark Sandman (Morphine) being so flabberghasted on stage that their first (and sadly last) ever show in Albuquerque was sold out. Got me to thinking though ...there's 19 states (well, I'm 95% sure of that figure) in which LUNA never played a single show (only a handful which are justifiable):

South Carolina
West Virginia
New Hampshire

Of this list, I'd say only 6 or 7 states are excusably missed (even though in NE, it's easy to go interstate for shows). Sure, bands like LUNA (whom never were 'ye olde flavour of the monthe') must go where the fanbases are - but if you can play a gig in Indianapolis, Burlington, VT, Tallahassee, or Cloumbia, MO - you can be certain a turn out in Oxford, MS, Salt Lake City or Boise would be in equal or greater numbers. Yes, yes - nobody's going to get wealthy playing rock shows in Birmingham, AL ...and all bands need a paycheck. Just a pity LUNA was saddled with unenthusiastic label support for 3/4 of their existence. I think everybody would agree that LUNA's appeal could have reached a far wider audience had they some better luck on the biz end of things.

Here's looking forward to the documentary....


Erinn said...

Ironic that I, too, have been as geographically chanllenged as you, and in the same locales. I hail from Missoula, where one wouldn't bat an eye at driving over many mountain passes to Seattle to see a show. Luckily I did this in 1991 and saw my then favorite band Galaxie going on 9 years in Santa Fe, and have flown from Texas To California to see Luna. Thrilled when they came to Albuquerque a couple years back, Launchpad was packed and Sean asks Isn't there anything else going on tonite? Point being, you're right, Luna could (have) pulled a large appreciative crowd most anywhere.
Was able to say farewell to the band in Tucson and los Angeles this time around. I'm still recovering.
Take care...oh yeah, I was in Sydney for a few months long ago as well....extended vacation, but still, small circles in this world, no?

Anonymous said...

Gee wiz, my wife and I drove from ABQ to Tucson, too.
If you are in Santa Fe, look for a magazine called Hyperactive, we did a cover story on Luna's last waltz, complete with a review and interview from the Club Congress show.

Kloots Down Under said...

Erinn & Anon,...yes, indeed, a small world. I didn't begin my full-time uni stint in Missoula until 1992, though I am natively from the state as well (just a whisp too tender to've caught G500 play - though I was a fan in the final months of their 'active' status). I remember driving over to Seattle to see LUNA and The Sundays pretty early on and heading to Spokane to see Jane's, etc. Gawd, had some dicey times returning in the tiny, tiny hours atop sheets of ice coating Idaho's gun barrel. And gawd bless the Super 8 Motel in Coeur d'Alene. I think a band like LUNA just assumes a great big void in possible audiences for states like Montana - but they could so have packed up Copper Commons (where I thankfully saw Uncle Tupelo) or elsewhere - especially the Neurolux club in Boise.
Launchpad, ah, haven't been there in years (since 1999 anyhow). I think I liked it a bit better as Golden West Saloon. No matter. Sure wish I could feast upon a b'fast burrito at Tecolote again.

Anonymous said...

Kloots, i'm partial to The Tecolote's "Sheepherder's Breakfast" myself.
Nice to know there are other like minded folks wallowing out here in the wide expanses of the Rockies.
When we spoke to Luna in Tucson, we mentioned we came all the way from Albuquerque for the show, and we were sad they skipped us for their final tour.
They said they had ben pleasantly suprised by their show at the Launchpad back in 2002; by the turnout and crowd enthusiasm.
In fact, Dean said that "Albuquerque" became a sort of euphemism for an unexpected good show for the band.
Quite a compliment for our little burg, which could always use a shot of self-esteem.
Nick "anon"

Andy said...

Dean emailed me a couple of corrections - Luna have played in the following states

* Portland, Maine - in 1993
* Park City, Utah - as part of the Slamdance festival in 1999
* Columbia, South Carolina - "probably also in 1993"

So that's three that can be knocked off the list...

Kloots Down Under said...

Andy (& Dean) - cool. It'd be fun to have an airtight, 100% accurate gigoraphy of the band's entire duration. Maybe a nifty extra to put on the DVD. Band info from 1993 is a bit murky - seeing as how Al Gore hadn't invented the internet yet. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

I was one of the lucky few who saw Luna play their only show in Nebraska for the Romantica tour. I say few becuase there couldn't have been 50 people there which upset me to no end. How could so few turn out for the best guitar band ever? Anyway, I consider the fact that I got to see them one of the better show memories I will hold.

Anonymous said...

I saw luna play at bowdoin college in maine in october of 1994 so they can be excused.