Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Monday night show pictures

Here is a gallery of pictures from the final Luna show. I left them in chronological order, maybe they can reflect a little of the story of this magical night ...

Britta sent an email today in which she had written "I feel good today.....teared up a few times last night....Bewitched, 23 Minutes....when I sandwiched myself between Sean and Dean's amps so I could really hear their delicious interplay and Sean's excellent solos...."
Wasn't it that moment ?


Andy said...

Stunning pictures (again) Franck (if a little Britta fixated :).

Anonymous said...


Amazing photos. And it was so great to meet you and the other 'lauren'. Too bad it came on the last night. I had no idea how good a photographer you were. The shots of the band that you have posted really catch the emotion in the music so well. And it is even more evident in each bandmembers faces. Tearing up again seeing them all.

What a great night it was.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the amazing pictures of Britta and um, uh, who are those other guys? :-)