Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A lovely Sunday afternoon with Luna

My wife and I drove from Rhode Island to see the early show, so that we could go home earlies (to our kids). It was a beautiful show.
It brought back memories of the first time we saw (and met) the Luna folks in a dinky club in Providence, RI called Baby Head. This was in 1992. That concert, and subsequent ones marked the start of an era for us, to borrow a term that many have used here; it began the Luna soundtrack-to-our-lives. A period that I look back at very fondly.
I will most definitely miss seeing Luna play as they came by these parts almost every time they released an album. I look forward to hearing what each and everyone of these talented individuals will come up with next, as I am sure they all will.
Best of luck, thanks for all the good melodies and memories.
(Funny, as I am writing this I am listening to the first album, and track 10 just came on, aptly called Time to quit).
I will try to post an image and short QuickTime later on.


lang said...

Wralph, the Club Babyhead show in '92 was my first one ever, too--one of many, many since. I was visiting my brother who still lives in PVD. Is that club still around?

wralph said...

No, that club closed long ago, after switching owners/names several times.
Luna came back many times to play at Lupos, which is sill around.
Years ago, I tried to bring Luna to play a concert at RISD (where I teach) but I found a very uncooperative booking agent and timing issues prevent it from happening.
Thanks for your note, cheers.