Tuesday, March 01, 2005

And all your tears, they won't help you

Sad day, this first day of a post-Luna world.

Beautiful email from Britta. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Luna audience at the very moment of farewell. It doesn't sound like anyone in the band out-and-out cried. Dean threatened to several times over the past weeks. When I spoke to him in Tucson he seemed fairly certain he might. Was anyone close enough to see if there was at least a little shininess to his eyes?

I'm a girl so I have no problem admitting that I welled up a number of times at Club Congress in Tucson. I definitely brushed away tears after the last encore, before I had one last drink to take the edge off the sadness.

The interview I did is here. Pictures are by Nick, whose wonderful work is a little further down on this blog.


your friend said...

Your article is terrific. Thanks for putting it together & making it available.

Anonymous said...

You asked: "Was anyone close enough to see if there was at least a little shininess to his eyes?"

Well, of course I was pretty close and did see him well up a few times, but he turned away from the audience. Probably a good idea. I think if the crowd
has seen Dean welling up, there might have been a sob fest. I also noticed his voice cracking with emotion quite a few times when he was singing.

- Britta

Dorian said...

I swear I saw him crying at the end of the show (as others have mentioned, I think). Not to threaten his masculinity or anything, but I think it was truly fitting. As I turned to my (new) friend at the show, I saw she was following suit. Then again, Britta, I think you were a tad closer than I, so perhaps those were my tears getting in the way...


tactile said...

I'll tell you when Dean DEFINATELY teared up and that was Sunday night during Bobby Peru. That was one of my favorite performances of the last two nights. Remember? He released his guitar and stepped up and held the mike with both hands and pushed out plaintively, "forgive me."