Monday, February 28, 2005

Penultimate, for sure

Finality is always hard when it's something you've come to know and love for so long. Sort of like losing you first girlfriend, trading in your first car or moving from your from your first apartment in the city. Luna is a band that one could never take for granted but relied upon for the comfort and soothing their presence brings. We all have memories of a time when the band was a soundtrack to our individual lives. The memories will be plentiful and the void their absence will create certainly will ache. Thanks goodness there's tonight and thanks goodness for last night.

Superfreaky Memories for an opener was a pleasant surprise. Thought the highlights for the night were 4th of July and Freakin' & Peakin'.

Sad that the band has called it quits while reaching the apex of their musicianship. The set was extremely tight and they played each note with a purpose. Surprised the crowd didn't match the band's energy level. It was a typical laid back and adoring Luna audience that seemed resigned to the end being near. Or maybe more mellow because of it being a Sunday night.

I also think a solution to the void their departure creates could be remedied by having Sean, Lee and Justin join Joy Zipper to help let the spirit live on.

In any case tonight, will have all the anticipation and expectations that come with the closing another chapter in this bands great but short history. I guess there is something to be said for going out on top. Pure class..

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jason said...

Great site!

We've got a couple photos and a review of Sunday night's show up on Onelouder if you're interested in some "outsider" contributions.