Monday, February 28, 2005

Banana Cream I-Think-I'm-Gonna'-Cry Pie

I suppose I might be the person, blogger, contributor (what have you) that first clicked over into March 1st, 2005. Right now, it's five minutes to noon on this sweltering day in Melbourne, this second official day of autumn - about 8PM the previous evening in wintry New York City. Any fans in Japan are on the same side of the wrong day with me ....and everybody else who's going to read this will be there so very soon. Enjoy what I was not able to in person.

Did Dean do it? Did he shed some tears? Can't imagine they'd be of the crocadile sort either if so.

I ended my LUNA listening session last night with Going Home, one of the many fitting songs to round out the 13 years of being agog for an actively 'together' band. Gad. I'm happy, verging on proud, to've been a fan from day one of LUNA to day last.

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Anonymous said...

yes he cried...i was up close and there was no doubt about was very touching